Are You Prepared? Powering Through Hurricanes, Wildfires and Other Emergencies.

This article was featured by one of our Strategic Partners, Simpliphi-Power. Are you prepared for imminent 'Public Safety Power Shutoffs' in California? The top 3 investor owned utilities in California (SCE, PG&E, SDG&E) are aggressively warning customers that they will turn off power as often and as long as needed to prevent power outages caused by extreme weather events in the wake of wildfire season.

Simpliphi provided an Emergency Power Checklist, which includes:

  1. What is your warranty? Lookout for emergency power products that carry warranties of only a few months. There is a chance they won’t be operational when you need them most.

  2. Is your backup power supply safe to store and use in your home or place of business? Avoid battery chemistries that are toxic or that can cause fires, such as lead acid and lithium ion with cobalt

  3. How much maintenance will your backup power solution require? Ensure that you’ll have power whenever an emergency strikes without having to conduct frequent maintenance or charging.

  4. Do you have enough power to supply your critical devices? Make a list of devices and tools in your emergency kit and determine how much power they’ll require. Look for an energy storage solution sized to meet those needs.

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