Project Summary

  1. The monthly, quarterly or annual cleaning of the solar panels to remove potential factors that could limit optimal panel productivity (e.g. road and highway grease, bird droppings, salt deposits and airborne dust).
  2. An annual inspection of the entire system to ensure that it is functioning properly.


In addition to the project summary, a site visit will include a full visual inspection of the photovoltaic system, perimeter inspection of the roof areas, waterways and drains, Site Survey Report and advanced notification of any pending or looming maintenance issues on or around the area of responsibility.

Sunrise 805 will provide further product support with:

  1. A written report documenting each service visit.
  2. Forwarding our Site Survey Report(s) with each billing cycle.
  3. Notification to your contractor of record with any warranty or service issue we discover.
  4. Timely processing of any additional service or work order requests.
  5. Special pricing for debris removal, gutter and downspout cleaning/snaking.
  6. Discounts through our Trade Partner Network for additional services (i.e. tree trimming).

Scope of Work

We will provide the materials and labor to clean and service your system including:  

  • All cleaning accessories required including poles, buckets, squeegees and hoses (water supplied on site).
  • The ladders, safety equipment and work area barrier markings to ensure the safety of our personnel and your residents on site (and their property).
  • Garbage containers used for the removal of any roof related trash and debris from the site.