Our Story

Sunrise 805 originally started as "PV Solar Services" in 2011. We are a local and family owned and operated business. Our owner and founder Marshall Howen has extensive experience in the roofing and solar industry. Seeing a niche in the solar market, he created PV Solar services to fill the gap between installers and homeowners and to accomplish the more essential aspects of PV operations and maintenance (O&M).

The business quickly grew into a way for Marshall's son and his Westmont soccer teammates to earn money cleaning panels over the summer while training for the upcoming season. Since then, we have undergone a name change and grown significantly, providing some of those teammates a full-time job after graduating college. Sunrise 805 now focuses primarily on turnkey residential and small commercial installations. We are Westmont College alumni and Santa Barbara residents who love the community and want to give back in a meaningful way! We believe solar greatly benefits and directly impacts our neighbors, environment, and future. For this reason, we take a relational, long-term approach to our business, from planning to install to asset management.



Team Sunrise 805

Marshall Howen

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Marshall is the visionary, founder, and CEO of Sunrise 805. A Westmont College graduate, he has been an active part of the Santa Barbara community for over thirty years. Marshall's solar expertise dates back to the industry's beginnings. For more than twelve years, he has served in business development for several leaders in the field, earning a reputation amongst contemporaries as one of the "go-to" people in New Home Construction. A proud father of two, Marshall is dedicated to his work and the customers he serves.


Davis Darnall

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Davis is our Senior Project Manager. He has worked for Sunrise805 since graduating from Westmont in 2014 with a degree in Economics & Business. Throughout that time, he’s seen the business grow from a two-man cleaning operation into the comprehensive solar provider it is today. Davis helps lead our team in the office and in the field with his hands-on experience in both areas. He lives in town with his beautiful wife, enjoys volunteering as a team leader for Younglife, is always up for any outdoor adventure!


Ryan Helmer

Ryan joined the Sunrise team in June of 2016, bringing his unique engineering background to the company. He grew up in Arkansas, graduated from John Brown University, and later moved to the Netherlands to earn his M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Technology from Delft University. He loves to travel whenever he gets the chance, and enjoys food from all over the world. On any given morning in Santa Barbara, you're likely to find Ryan cycling to work on his old-school bicycle with mismatching tires. In addition to drafting up many of the plans, he also serves as Sunrise 805's primary photo model. 


Daniel Johnsen (DJ)

DJ has been a part of our maintenance operations team since 2012. Originally from the Monterey Peninsula, working for Sunrise805 allowed him to train and live in Santa Barbara in preparation for the Westmont soccer season. He played striker and captained the team before graduating with a B.S. degree in Biology. DJ has since gained considerable experience in the construction industry and used these skills as he traveled and worked for five months in Latin America. Off the job site, he enjoys reading anything that catches his eye, surfing to the point of utter exhaustion, and the occasional bowl of cereal.