Your Solar and the Environment 

In asking why you should go solar, it's important to ask what you will be saving by going solar. A lot of solar companies will tell you that you will be saving money first and foremost, and this is true. But it is also important to realize the environmental impact your choice could have. We looked at an annual production report from the 12-panel system of one of our local customers. Units like kWh can be difficult to understand, so we broke down the data into real, tangible metrics. 

The energy production of a 3.5kW (12 panel) system:


Each year, the system's production will equal the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved by recycling over one ton of waste per year rather than landfilling it. 


Every two years, the system will offset the carbon dioxide emissions of an entire other home living off grid electricity.

Every three years, the system will save the same amount of carbon captured by 10 acres of U.S. forest.

At Sunrise, it's about way more than just the money. When you make the decision to go solar, you replace a large portion of your home or business' traditional energy consumption (produced from burning coal and fossil fuels) with clean, renewable energy. In doing so, you make the decision to play a pivotal role in slowing the effects of climate change, ultimately creating a brighter future for our community.