Solar Cleaning & Maintenance

Just like windows, solar panels get dirty. By removing that layer of dirt we allow your panels to generate at their expected efficiency. We exist to ensure your system is producing at the highest level with regular cleaning and servicing. The regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your PV solar system provide real monetary benefits including increased efficiency of the solar cells.

A solar panel with a significant amount of dirt and debris on it can have the overall efficiency reduced by as much as 30%. Keeping the solar panels clean will increase the overall yield of the system, allowing them to produce at a higher average capacity. The dollarized earnings for cleaning will, as we've found, outweigh the cost of our labor!

Our experience tells us that with regular service visits, you could expect to see the following:

Solar Panel Production Over 25 Years


Before & After Photos


Interested in solar panel cleaning?

Roof Maintenance

While on roofs we often times notice debris or damages that can easily be dealt with while we are onsite.  In response to customer requests, we now provide additional roof maintenance services.


Keep your gutters clean and efficient with our gutter cleaning services.


Maintains longevity of gutter system and keeps tree debris out!


Pigeons, Raccoons, and Rats oh my! In our experience of cleaning solar panels, we have often had to deal with pigeons and other pests that nest under the solar panels.  These can not only cause damage to your solar system and investment, but also can cause significant damage to your roof itself.

We install a PVC-coated wire mesh, which clips onto the edges of your panels without damaging or drilling. This has proven to be an effective and lasting solution that does not affect the functionality or appeal of your system.

For pigeon-specific problems with have also installed Bird Spikes which prevent birds from landing in eves, roof, and ridgelines without harming the birds themselves.