The Sunrise Philosophy

Solar only makes sense if it's done the right way. For the owner to see return on investment, systems must be planned, installed, and maintained with meticulous attention to detail. That's why we talk a lot about relationships at Sunrise 805. We want to be available at every step of the process to ensure our customers realize the full financial and environmental benefit of going solar. We walk with you from inspiration to installation, and then provide support in the many years that follow. This requires knowing the ins and outs of each unique system to correctly prevent and diagnose issues that may arise along the way. Below are the services we provide. 



- Residential & Commercial, Retrofit or New - Our relationships provide us the foundation to be a turnkey solar provider for our customers.              Whether you have are a builder with a new homes project or a homeowner wanting a residential retrofit,  we have experience in all.

Operations and Maintenance

Our roots are in solar panel cleaning and general maintenance. We identify, diagnose, and address problems with the system. Then we produce important information in detailed Site Reports for you.



P.M. and Consulting

We do the work required to see plans through from paper to rooftop. Our services range from drafting plans to navigating the permit process to installing systems. We take you from design to implementation. If you have the vision, we're here to make it happen.